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March 22, 2016

VIDEO: Employer Client Testimonial

Every once in awhile our clients give us their perspectives on partnering with Best Doctors and allow us to share them in a video. Cory Fitts is the Benefits Director at Hines Interests and took a couple of minutes to discuss what drove her team’s decision in selecting the Best Doctors program:

Cory touches on many of the themes we hear from our clients all the time. Just to highlight a few—

  • As an employer, their goal is to help make their staff better consumers of health care and provide the tools to ensure the right diagnosis and right treatment
  • They further want to demonstrate to their leadership team that they are making a true impact on their employees, and they have the reporting and results to prove it
  • One theme we hear constantly: Best Doctors has been one of the easiest programs to implement and manage, owing to our many years of experience and hundreds of clients
  • After an extensive review of the marketplace, including consulting their peers, they found that Best Doctors was the best in class partner

It’s always gratifying when clients share their first person perspectives on why they selected Best Doctors and how the program helps address their specific challenges.