Meet the Team: Case Coordinators

Our Meet the Team series concludes today with a closer look at the Case Coordinator role at Best Doctors. We asked two long-serving colleagues, Val and Tristan, to reflect on their experiences with our members. In particular, we asked them what they often see members struggling with the most; they remind us that every member is unique, but that what so many have in common is they don’t know where to turn for guidance on important health issues. The case coordinators wear a variety of different hats and interact with members of every sort, so they can truly speak from experience.

It’s been a pleasure sharing videos of colleagues in our Meet the Team series. It’s a rare look behind the curtain, which most people wouldn’t otherwise see. As Tristan points out, much of the member’s experience with us takes place from the comfort of their own living room. We learn so much about them; by sharing the perspectives of colleagues in these videos, we hope that members can learn something about us as well.

So, please, meet the team…

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