Meet the Team: Find a Best Doctor

The series continues. Today please meet Arvin, a Find Best Doctor Coordinator who’s been with the company for over five years. Many of our members contact Best Doctors in need of a virtual second opinion by an expert, but others are looking for a referral to see the expert in person, and that’s where Arvin and his team come in.

The FBD team, as they’re affectionately known, makes sure that the expert specialists meet all the members’ requirements before referring, but they also handle the administrative work that can sometimes be burdensome and slow things down. And while many members do contact us to request a referral after an insurance change or relocation, as Arvin points out, some members are in crisis and need to be connected with expert medical help … in their area, in their insurance plan, and accepting new patients.

The staff at Best Doctors have such a diversity of backgrounds, but they come together as a family to deliver for our members, as I hope you’ll see. So, please, meet the team

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