One Client’s Experience with Best Doctors

Once in a while it’s nice to take a break from describing the Best Doctors experience, and instead share the first-person experience of one of our employer clients. So I’m excited to share a brand new video featuring Ann Burke, Executive Director of Benefits at Boehringer Ingelheim. They are a global pharmaceutical company, but like all clients, they have a unique set of needs that requires both innovative and tailored solutions.

With the video, we focused on just a few basic questions, like Why did you choose to partner with Best Doctors?, How would you describe the service to your colleagues?, and What would you say to other employers evaluating the Best Doctors service?

We have many treasured clients and there are many firms out there trying to replicate aspects of the Best Doctors service, so it’s tremendously gratifying when one of our clients uses terms like “the perfect fit” and “a no-brainer” to describe our shared partnership. But Ann tells it better than I do, so without further ado…

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