One Member’s Story: Simon

Every once in a while I like to use this space to share a story from one of our remarkable members. Today’s story is about Simon – a member in Canada who had an accident on the job and noticed a small lump on his finger, which turned out to be much more serious than first thought.

In some cases, our members need help in one particular area. But in Simon’s case, before contacting Best Doctors, he faced a few separate medical challenges:

  • A diagnosis that needed correcting
  • A long wait for surgery and then little follow-up
  • Pathology results that were incorrect

A timely intervention revealed that the lump thought to be a cyst was actually a form of cancer, and that further surgery was needed to address the issue. The video of Simon’s story also features thoughts from the Member Advocate who followed Simon every step of the way. As she notes, Simon wasn’t getting the answers he needed because the dots simply weren’t being connected on his case, and that’s when he contacted Best Doctors.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending, and this member can recount his experience with a smile. Simon puts his case in perspective, noting that because of the intervention he experienced moderate loss of feeling in one finger, which is remarkable given what could have been a very different outcome. For Simon, a life threatening illness gave way to a “life changing wake-up call.”

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